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Press Release: House Not Ready For The Holidays?

Lemi Shine and ‘The Clutter Diet’ author team up to offer quick, easy tips and tricks

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Lemi Shine, makers of powerful, nontoxic household cleaning products, has teamed up with the best-selling author of “The Clutter Diet,” Lorie Marrero, to provide tips to help busy families get their homes clean and organized for the holidays before the first guest arrives.

“In my years as a Certified Professional Organizer, I’ve learned that this is always the time of year when people really start to stress about getting their homes clean and organized before the craziness of the holidays,” Marrero said. “That’s why Lemi Shine and I came up with our super-easy quick fixes to keep homes guest-ready with a minimum of fuss – and no harsh chemicals.”

Getting ready for guests:

  • Start by running your washing machine and dishwasher empty with Lemi Shine Appliance Cleaners. Clean machines make double-duty holiday cleaning more efficient and effective.
  • Stash clutter when company is on the way by filling the family laundry basket. That way, important items don’t get lost in the shuffle – you’ll find them by your next laundry day.
  • Wash all blankets, linens and towels your guests will need for a nice fresh feel.
  • Put a “Forgot This?” box in the guest bathroom with extra toothbrushes, razors, antacids, cotton balls and other toiletries they may have forgotten to pack.

Prepping the kitchen:

  • Make room for holiday foods by taking everything out of the fridge, and discard anything expired, spoiled or unknown. Before you put anything back in, clean sticky fridge spills with Lemi Shine Everyday Cleaner.
  • Plan the serving pieces, utensils and cookware you’ll need. Set them out to make sure they’re clean and polished so nothing is left to the last minute.
  • Make sure glasses and dishes are spotless with Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster, which combats hard water spots and helps your dishwasher clean like it’s brand new.
  • Have job assignments, such as taking out the trash or setting the table, ready for anyone who asks if they can help.

Cleaning up after:

  • As the leftovers pile up in the fridge, use bins to corral common categories of items, such as condiments or sandwich fixings, so you or your guests can quickly pull together a meal.
  • Label items with name and date before you put them in the freezer so you won’t forget what they are and how old they are.
  • Make sure your disposal doesn’t give your kitchen “bad breath” by cleaning the disposal with a Lemi Shine Disposal Cleaner pack.

“These time-saving tips will help holiday hosts enjoy the season without worrying about how the house looks when guests arrive early or if mystery leftovers are taking over the fridge,” Marrero said. “It’s OK to take a few shortcuts and focus on what’s really important – spending time with family and friends and celebrating traditions.”

Marrero and Lemi Shine will offer even more holiday prep tips in a Facebook Live Dec. 5 at

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