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One Easy Way to Find More Joy in Your Day

Everyone wants to find their joy. That can be a tall order when you are faced with your daily grind. Watch this video for an easy way to find more joy in your day.

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Hi, I’m organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie Marrero, creator of The Clutter Diet, and we talked in a recent video about ways to say no more effectively, but today I’d like to talk about the times when you say yes. When you commit to something, what often happens is we wake up in the morning knowing that we’ve committed to something that day and we immediately feel dread and we feel discouraged about, ugh, I really don’t wanna go volunteer at the school for this popcorn popping thing that I’m gonna do or whatever it is that you’ve decided to say yes to, and I wanna tell you that I’ve created a rule for myself about this, you know I do have the option to choose as an adult to say yes or to say no. And I know creative ways to say no, like we talked about in another video, and if I choose to say yes, then I own that decision and I choose to do that event or that occasion or that activity with joy. So if I catch myself having those feelings of regret or dread about having said yes to something, I say wait, I had the option of saying no, if I said yes, then I’m saying yes to doing it with joy, and if I can’t do it with joy, then I may find a way to decline that event. Sometimes there are genuinely situations where this is really isn’t going to work for you, you’ve made a mistake and you know what, I love what Oprah has said in some of the things she’s written about we have the right to change our mind, and that’s okay too, so if you’re going to say yes and commit and do it, do it with joy, and if you can’t do it with joy, either say no in the first place or elegantly change your mind. So I’d love to hear what you think about this, and if you can implement this little rule or policy in your life to do things with more joy. We’ll see you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

You may have been looking for ways to find joy, or to agree to what you want.

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