Closed September 2017

Now I can breathe!

I have just begun and am looking at my home differently.  I see nests of “elsewhere’s” everywhere I look – and now they propel me to action.

I have always said “I can organize anything – but I cannot keep anything organized.”  Now I know why – no underlying systems.

I have attended a few organizing classes and can get going – then invariably I hit a hard area – and the fee of $1,000 per day to help me get unstuck was way beyond reach. But now there is Lorie and the Clutter Diet team to deliver me from my 40 years of wandering in the desert – on to the promised land!

My downstairs office has become the catchall for all the delayed decisions. What Lorie says rings true. I saw a link – went to your site, immediately ordered the book – it came right before Christmas.

Debby Hagar Before.pThe entry to the office was also the exit from the house – so a perfect starting point – and so was born my Destination Station. Used what I had to make a place for mail, mailing supplies, coupons, returns, cell phone charger, place for purse, magnetic board to hold papers coming and going, reusable grocery bags – and so on.  Also cleared a path from Destination Station to the far back of the room….and one teeny corner of the desk.

Debby Hagar After.pBut now I can breathe! Looking forward what lies ahead.  I know there will be some tough bumps!  But I am confident that I have help and helpers to get me unstuck.  THANK YOU Lorie and the Clutter Diet Team. –Debby Hagar – newleaf

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