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I Think I’ll Write about Procrastination…Tomorrow

I was reading a book recently that told the story of a great warrior who took his soldiers to a battle in ships, and when they reached their destination, he burned them.  The only way for the soldiers to get home was to win the battle and take the enemy’s ships. 

The suggestion was that if you have a goal, you should "burn your ships" to get it done.  Recently I had a business goal and decided I would put out advertising about the new service to "burn my ships." Having the deadline of the advertising coming out was extremely motivating to get my work done!

I have also heard of people writing a check to an organization they find repulsive, and telling the friend to mail the check by a certain date if they have not done what they are supposed to do.

So, one way to conquer procrastination is to create a forced deadline for yourself.  What ships could you burn today to help yourself succeed?

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