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I have never had a clean bedroom

I was neat child until my parents divorced, then I lived with my very cluttered mother for thirteen years. I have always, always struggled with creating good habits and routines. When I was seventeen, my mother tried a declutter system and it worked for her. I tried, and I tried, but I could never stick with her system. I was recently diagnosed with a severe form of anxiety and as part of my therapy, I have to clean up all my clutter. I broke down and cried. I tried for 12 years to declutter my life. I still have boxes I haven’t looked at since I left home for university. I have dozens of books on decluttering. In the end it was finding the Clutter Diet book on my e-reader that sent me to the website. I had finally found something that would work. No excessive emails, no over pumping of products in every single email, and people who devote their lives to helping people like me. I signed up for the two week trial and, four days in, my father and boyfriend came by and were amazed. I was even more motivated. They offered to pay for the site if it was effective. My first project was my bedroom, a place my boyfriend had never, ever seen. I have never had a clean bedroom.

Brandi Before

It took 15 hours. 11 hours on the first Saturday after my two weeks. The only breaks I took all day was when my father found a video on YouTube I had to see. I had already spent four hours on my room, digging out under my bed and rediscovering my desk. I promised myself that I would get it done today. For the first time in my whole life my closet only contains clothes, there is NOTHING under my bed, and I have an entire dedicated space in my home for my crafts. I’m exhausted, but I feel a sense of serenity I have never felt before. There’s no hidden stashes anywhere, everything is in it’s place. Everything has a place.

Brandi After

The biggest thing I found was the simple positive reinforcement of the “menu” planning and all the tutorials, the message boards, and the support was something I never had before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have found something I haven’t found in years: Hope.

Thank you,

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