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How Organizing is Like Driving a Car

GetorganizedroadsignNearly everybody has had the experience of driving home and not remembering how they got there!  You get on mental "autopilot" and your habitual actions are unconscious.  If you want to go to a new place, you have to consciously consider the route you’re going to drive and make the right choices in the moment to turn or exit at the appropriate place.

Getting organized requires new habits…and creating new habits requires conscious thought and conscious choices.  So most of the day are you conscious with your actions, or unconscious?  If you are going to stop piling things on your dining table, you must stop the unconscious habit of throwing your stuff on there and consciously choose to put the items away.  Just like when learning a new driving route, you need to BE PRESENT and conscious to make the right choices.  Once you’ve practiced your new choices, your new organizing habits will be as unconscious and part of your normal routine as driving home.

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