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Fun and Efficient Bulletin Board Ideas!

Are you using your bulletin boards the wrong way?  We all need simple reminders, so leave yourself a note to figure out better solutions with these tips! Watch this video for bulletin board ideas that will really work for you.

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Hi, I’m organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet. Today, we’re going to talk about bulletin boards. Believe it or not, in most homes I haven’t seen enough bulletin boards in the right places. I’ve seen a lot of cluttered ones that aren’t being used very well, but let’s talk about how to use them the most effectively.

We have a concept in organizing that we call “Point of Use,” and it means that you want to have the potholders right next to the stove where you have hot things. The same thing goes for bulletin boards. You want to have multiple bulletin boards ideally in a house where you need the information that’s on them. I have bulletin boards, very simply pieces of cork, on the back of my cabinet doors in the kitchen for frequently used recipes and little reference items like measurement equivalent charts and things like that.

I have a big bulletin board on the back of my pantry door also made with cork panels, I have another video about that. I have one in my closet where I get dressed to show me things that inspire me and have little mementos there to make me smile, and I have one near the back garage door when I’m leaving the house for things that I don’t want to forget when I’m walking out the door. You can have all kinds of things on a bulletin board, but there are three main categories of things that belong there. One is reference information, think about cheat sheets. As I mentioned frequently, used recipes, you may have a soccer schedule on there. You may have frequently called phone numbers. Things that you’re referring to all the time and even other members of the family need to look at it.

The second category of things is pending immediate items like tickets to a play or a performance, or gift certificates that you know you’re going to use very soon, or if you have a badge that you wear every day. You could clip that to the bulletin board on your way in and out of the door. The third category is things that you enjoy that inspire you. Pictures, mementos, favorite quotes, and all of these things need to be changed out often and kept fresh or you’ll stop looking at them. If you don’t maintain your bulletin board it becomes like wallpaper to you, and you don’t even see those items anymore.

In my online program, The Clutter Diet, we have prompted our members once a quarter to do what we call, “BBCA,” which is “Bulletin Boards, Coupons and Artwork.” We want you once a quarter to flag your calendar and clear off your bulletin boards of things that are out of date that are no longer serving you. We want you to go through all your coupons and throw out the expired ones, and we want to look at your kid’s artwork as well and switch that out for something fresh and exciting and save the ones that you don’t want to display anymore.

Think about your day for BBCA, and how you could use bulletin boards in a better, more effective way in your house. Let us know what you think in the comments, and as usual, we’ll see you next time. May you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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