Closed September 2017

Filter Out the Clutter

One of the more bulky items in our homes is that stack of air filters we’re supposed to replace, and how often was that again?  And what about all of those other filters we are supposed to change out, like our water purifiers, pitcher filters, faucet filters, and air purifier filters?  And when was the last time we did that?  Our Clutter Diet members can use our personalized e-mail reminder system to tell them when to change their filters, but there may be something better…

This great service recently contacted me to tell you about how they can help.  It’s, a service that mails you the right filters at the right time. Not only does it eliminate the need to store the filters, it triggers you to change them when they come in the mail.  I also know that many of our clients don’t have an easy way to remember which type of filters to buy, either, so it helps with that too.  Great idea! Just wanted to pass it along! (logo graphic from FiltersOnTime)

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