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What does weight loss have to do with organizing?

Plenty!  The bottom line is that they are both about personal change. Here are three of the biggest parallels:

3 Reasons Why Getting Organized is Like Losing Weight
  1. Crash dieting doesn’t work, and neither does “crash organizing.”  It’s great if you tackle a few huge projects one weekend and get some areas really organized, but unless you change the habits that got you disorganized in the first place, you will soon find the space a mess again.  Both weight loss and organization require permanent changes in your habits and routines.
  2. “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.”  The basic idea to lose weight is to eat less and move more.  Clutter must be managed by preventing bringing it into the home whenever possible and by regularly processing your items and getting rid of what is not needed. Both weight loss and organization require a program of prevention, reduction, and regular maintenance.
  3. Getting in shape can improve confidence. When you are disorganized, you feel out of control. You feel you can’t have friends over, and you may get embarrassed by not showing up on time to appointments or keeping your promises to others. Both weight loss and organization can reduce stress and increase confidence.

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