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Donate Movement

What to Do With Your Broken, Weird Stuff You Don’t Need

By now my regular readers will know that, as Ambassador of Goodwill's Donate Movement, I love to talk about donating gently used clothing and household items, because donating is recycling and philanthropy all at once, and everyone wins! But what happens when you have objects that are broken or just plain strange or random, and… Read more »

Don’t Put It Off: Fight Procrastination NOW!

A couple of things to remind you of… first, before I put it off any longer, I wanted to let you know that tomorrow (Sept. 1) is "Fight Procrastination Day!" What dreaded task can you commit to doing? USA readers have a long weekend coming up for Labor Day– here's my big question to you:… Read more »

Talking Trash: Quick Video Tip!

Here's a quick trash tip from day one of our Good Housekeeping clutter makeover contest winner's garage… read more about this project and see before & after shots here. Click here to watch on YouTube if you can't see the embedded video player, and if you are a Kindle subscriber, scroll down to the bottom… Read more »

5 Ways Getting Organized Can Help You Get a Job

Unemployment is high, and if you're competing for jobs out there, being organized can give you an edge. Here's how: Your contacts:  Having a good contact management system, whether it's an old-fashioned address book or a searchable system on your computer, means you can find phone numbers and addresses more quickly. The job search process… Read more »

Good Riddance: 7 Reasons It’s Great to Let Go

When we part with something and we realize we're better off, we often say, "Good Riddance!" So what are reasons and circumstances in which we might say this?  If you're afraid to let go of things, maybe some of these reasons will reframe your thinking: Make room for the new & useful: How can you… Read more »

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