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Clutter Video Tip: Linen Closet Tips for More Bathroom Storage

Does the search for a towel-

Leave you with a scowl, because your bathroom has no closet?

Or is that space just full-

With blankets of wool, with no room left to deposit?

Towels, wash rags, and other supplies are essential in the bathroom, but what if you have no place to store them? Watch this video for a great solution for gaining storage space in this small room.

And now when you reach for that towel-

With delight you will howl, because your linens have been made composite.

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re going to talk about linen closets, or the lack of them. Many homes don’t have one now and some of them are in hallways shared with lots of other rooms, so it may not be giving you the storage space you need in the bathroom.

So if you have extra wall space in your bathroom, maybe below a towel rack or in the hallway outside the bathroom, this could be a great solution. This is part of the Cubicles line of products by ClosetMaid. This is a nine compartment Cubicle. They also have six compartment ones that you can figure out, you know, what works best in your space. But you have all kinds of different fabric drawers available that are different colors and styles. You can put them in every cube or configure them however you want. You can see all of that at But I just want to show you what a great solution these are for some of the common storage problems that we see in bathrooms. One of them is a hairdryer. So here, you can see this hairdryer fits perfectly in here. You could also use these fabric drawers to have one for each family member to put all of their daily essential supplies in. You could put maybe all of your first aid and kind of medicine-cabinet-type things in here. Of course, keeping in consideration of the safety of children. But, you know, alcohol and band-aids and things like that. And you might even have cleaning supplies in here. And that would be, you know, your spray cleaners and things, and maybe some rags to clean with.

Now, this brings me to the other topic, and that is rags and towels and these things that you’re storing in the linen closet. A lot of people use old towels or old washcloths for rags. And if another member of the family is doing the laundry, they may not realize that you meant these to be rags. And sometimes we see these getting re-circulated into the good towels, and back into the linen closet. So, we recommend using a sharpie marker to just put a big “X” on rags to differentiate them from the good towels. So that’s a good tip. And you might also want to think about other things with towels. People are always asking me about folding towels, for example. There is no right or wrong way to fold a towel. The key is being consistent with it. So if you just want to fold them a certain way and then all of them be that same way, you’re going to create much neater stacks that are more stable. They won’t fall over on each other. And you can also tell what size towel you are looking at by the neat stacks. You can see exactly what they are.

Also, if you’re buying new towels, you might think about a couple of different strategies. You can do the hotel method, which is to buy all one color of towel for the whole house. Maybe like all white towels. And that way it doesn’t matter where the towels get put away when the laundry’s done. Or you can do the color coding method, which is have just one color designated for each bathroom, and you know exactly where to put those towels when the laundry gets done.

Either way, whatever works for you, don’t get hung up on that, just get it done. We hope you love this, we hope to interact with you even more on our YouTube channel. We’d love to have you subscribe and comment there with us. You can find us at We’ve got many different videos organized into play lists for you. So come and watch those and learn some more.

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

You may have been searching for organizing towels in a bathroom with little storage.

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Gangemi Cabinets

Fantastic article I also really enjoyed your video. I find that people do not want linen closets any more, as they take up too much space. They are opting for more customised cabinets and shelves.


Our linen cupboard is a disaster! lol Thanks for your great tips, I think I might have to tackle mine on the weekend. Thanks for the video. Cheers, Mark


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