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AOL Real Estate Blog: Clutter: Methods to Avoid and Get Rid of Stuff

September 07, 2010

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by Megan Mollmann

Back in her days as a pack rat, writer Betsy Talbot let piles of magazines gather dust, printed out too many paper copies of digital photos, and kept hundreds of obsolete CDs from her music collection even though she had upgraded to an iPod. Talbot was reluctant to throw out or try to sell the clutter that she or her husband never used anymore. Sound familiar?

Lorie Marrero, founder of a virtual team of professional organizers, The Clutter Diet, says that it’s important to be aware of what causes the clutter and is hindering your way to home improvement. Consider the stuff that you purchase, acquire (gifts, hand-me-downs, things inherited from relatives) or allow (the non-physical clutter).

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