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20 Questions to Ask Yourself About Keeping Anything

Questionmarks2 May is National Moving Month, and even if you are not relocating, take this moment to think about what an opportunity moving can be. As you are packing your belongings, you touch literally everything you own. You have a chance to make a decision about whether that item really serves you. When else do you get this kind of "Day of Reckoning" with your stuff?

People in our membership program sometimes tell us that it's helpful to pretend they are moving while they are doing organizing projects and even as they are going about their daily lives. If you think this way, you can ask yourself these kinds of questions about any object, starting with one specific to the "Moving Mindset":

  1. Is this valuable enough to me to pay someone by-the-pound to move it to another place?
  2. What would it cost, in time and money, to acquire this again?
  3. Does anyone I know have one of these I can easily borrow?
  4. How much money could I get for selling this instead of keeping it?
  5. When is the last time I can remember using it?
  6. How often do I use it? Weekly, monthly, yearly… never?
  7. Do I already have something else that serves the same purpose?
  8. What is a scenario in which I can picture myself using this, and how likely is that to happen?
  9. Is there a use for this that doesn't involve the phrase, "Someday when I have time?"
  10. What is the worst thing that might happen if I donate or recycle it?
  11. Is there an alternative way to capture the essence and value of this item instead, maybe in a digital format such as a document or photograph?
  12. Does it help create an environment that supports me in my goals?
  13. If I flipped a coin right now, and heads was KEEP and tails was DONATE, which would I secretly be rooting for as the coin is landing?
  14. Does it make me feel positive, or negative?
  15. Does it remind me of my past, or my future?
  16. If I were hit by a proverbial bus, would my family truly value this item, or even know what it is and why I kept it?
  17. What would my best friend say if she were standing here considering this?
  18. What would a professional organizer say if one were sitting here with me now?
  19. Does someone else need this more than I do? (Learn more at
  20. Will I feel good about keeping this item the next time I run across it?

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What are your favorite questions to ask when deciding whether to keep something? Share in the comments!

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Right now I am going through my closets trying to get rid of things I no longer because I realize I have too much stuff. The garage is next. Your article is right on time.


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