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Clutter Video Tip: Thanksgiving Survival Guide!

Good gravy, there’s a lot to do before Thanksgiving! Having a bunch of guests and a major feast in your home isn’t small potatoes. So, how do you pull it off without feeling like a turkey? Watch this video for your Thanksgiving holiday survival guide. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Peppermint Patty knows how important it is to have a well planned holiday meal. But, chances are you aren’t serving toast, pretzels and popcorn for Thanksgiving. So, you may need to think about organizing your refrigerator before the big day. Today, I’ll give you a peek into my own refrigerator and show you how I… Read more »

Is Your House Ready for Guests?

Does the sound of the doorbell fill you with dread? Holidays are coming up! You may be hosting family holiday meals, dinner parties, gift openings, or even (gasp)… overnight guests! Click here for your checklist for making sure you're ready on the Good Housekeeping Home Style Blog. Flickr image courtesy roblisameehan    Follow me on… Read more »

Lorie’s Thanksgiving Survival Guide

It's just a day or so before the big USA Turkey Day! Here are a few previous posts to refer to, along with a few new tips. (FYI, there won't be a second article here on the blog this week as I am having some down-time with my family.) Practice Clutter Portion Control on Black… Read more »

Practice Clutter Portion Control on Black Friday!

We are fast approaching the busiest shopping season, starting this Friday! Are you going to bring home gifts for your loved ones, or more "stuff" that will clog up your home? Do you need to participate at all? In the weight loss world, one of the best tricks to lose weight is to pay attention… Read more »

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