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Don’t Make Any Big Decisions Without Watching this First

Are you feeling anxious, needing to make a big decision, or feeling overwhelmed? Some decisions are easy, but others require a lot of thought. If your outcome seems ambiguous just decide to watch this video and don’t forget to do THIS so you can be more effective. It’s a personal policy I have used my… Read more »

Too Tired to Organize…? | Clutter Video Tip

Getting through your daily life can make your brain feel like it’s swimming in molasses. The decision making process uses lots of brain power, and it can lead to fatigue and even a rash decision or two by the end of the day. Watch this video for strategies to help clear your mind. (Click here… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: How to De Clutter with Better Decision-Making

Decisions, decisions, decisions… The process of decision making can be long and tedious. Important decisions require thorough decision making analysis- maybe even mapping it out on a decision tree. In this video I will show you how to make decisions better and faster. Following these steps will make your decision-making more efficient and less stressful…. Read more »

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