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How to Make Something Better by Ripping It Up!

Quick weekend tip for you…When organizing or when unloading groceries and other purchases and putting them away, I am always annoyed at how packages are designed well for shipping and selling and store display, but not for dispensing and everyday use and storage. Sometimes things are hard to open, too. Are you listening, package designers?… Read more »

Clutter Video Tip: Trays

Each week we are posting a one-minute-ish quick video tip on something useful and practical that you can apply right away! This week we are pulling it all together for you and serving it up on a tray. (Click here to watch on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded player.) Transcript: Hi. I’m Lorie… Read more »

7 Considerations for Choosing Containers

Whether you shop at the dollar store or the Container Store, nowadays you have a great selection of containers of all types when you're ready to put your stuff away. How do you choose which containers are best for your purposes? Here are the factors: Size: Always measure your items and the space where the… Read more »

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