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Clutter Video Tip: Laundry Room Ideas-The Basic 12 Elements-

Are you airing your dirty laundry out in public? Are you tired of the laundromat and washing clothes by hand? Well, set your cycle to spin and hold on, because I am going to show you the 12 basic elements that any well functioning utility room should have. And that’s not just a bunch of fluff!

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Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today’s Clutter Video Tip is about how to organize your laundry room. I’m going to give you my basic 12 elements of any good laundry room and we’re going to start with number one, obviously, washer and dryer – that would be very important. Number two is staging and sorting space. So, a lot of people use the floor to stage and sort. Also, I have a three compartment sorting hamper that really helps with this as well.

Number three is hanging space. You want to have space to hang up a few things right out of the dryer so they don’t get wrinkled, and you want to have space to store folded clothing before you’ve had a chance to put it away. So, shelving and other kinds of storage space where you can put something like this where we have baskets for each area of the home or member of the family to put their items before they’ve had a chance to put them away.

You also want to have drip-dry hanging space where you can put items that are delicate, that are not supposed to go into the dryer, and they can just hang and dry, sort of like a clothes line indoors. And this is an ironing center where you have all of the ironing supplies together and out of the way. Number seven is folding space. Now, we mostly use our dining table and that is completely okay. A lot of times if this space is clear we can also use the top of the dryer. But as long as you know how to clear that off quickly and put the clothes away and you don’t let it be a permanent laundry area, the dining room table is totally fine.

Number eight is cleaning and laundry supplies. So obviously, you’ve got to have your detergent, which you can slightly see here. Also, we have some things for the dryer. And you want to have maintenance supplies also, usually in a utility room. So we have some light bulbs here, some other items, like touch-up markers for my furniture, batteries, things like that. We have other videos about that. Another item that a lot of people forget is what we call the “lonely socks basket.” So, here is the basket we put all the extra socks in when we can’t match them up, and then at some point, which is right now when this is full, one of the members of the family – often it’s a great job for a kid – will go through and match up whatever we can match and then donate the rest.

Next we have pocket items. So, things that you find in the washing machine or the dryer that have fallen out of peoples’ pockets, usually buttons are there and loose change. So you can save that stuff up. And finally, number 12, a trash can.

Those are the basic 12 elements of any successful well-functioning laundry room. And if you need help with a project like a laundry room, we’ve helped thousands of people in over 18 countries around the world with our expert team available seven days a week. You can upload a photo of your laundry room and show us what’s going on and we can help you for about the price of a pizza. You can find out how at

See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.

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