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Sample Weekly Plan

This is a sample of our Weekly Plans for our Clutter Diet members.  Each week we provide 1-2 hours worth of home organization assignments plus all kinds of extra tips to help you get them done!

The main benefit of our membership is having access to our team of Professional Organizers to answer your questions.  Following this plan is optional, but it does allow people to organize their homes “a bite at a time.”  Members weigh in each week to check off how many assignments they got done and see how many “Clutter-Pounds” they have lost!





Closet Product Recommendation:

Yes, this is a plug for our own product, but there is a reason that we use it in every closet we organize in person, and our clients absolutely love it.  It’s called the Simple Division® Garment Organizers- click the photo to read more and/or buy some for yourself.


•Find things quickly
•Gain visibility to your wardrobe
•Communicate better with housekeepers
•Organize closets and laundry rooms
•Manage hand-me-downs
•Manage baby and toddler sizes



Tips on Shoes:

We usually group shoes by type (dressy, sporty) and then color (navy, black, red, etc.). 

We like using shoe shelves such as these sold at Target.  We put the toes facing frontward so you can see the style of the shoes.

If you have shoes that are not used very often (C or D shoes), you can put them in a clear shoebox on a higher shelf.

More on shoes in our Knowledge Base.

Master Closet Time!
Spend at least 1 hour

Your Main Dish project for this week is to spend at least one hour on your Master Closet.  This is your major closet clean-out to start the new year the right way!  Every morning you will thank yourself.

It probably will take more than an hour to thoroughly attack your closet, but if you just spend one hour we know you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.  It would be great if you can spend more time, since it’s an investment that will pay off every single morning when you get dressed.

Here is our approach to closets:

  • First, get your organizing toolkit.  You have one, right?  If not, watch our tutorial!
  • Pick up any clothing on the floor and get laundry started while you work.
  • Sort through the clothing, shoes, and accessories.  Make lists as you go of action items that result from this process, items to buy to complete the project, and new wardrobe items that you need to purchase.
  • Be realistic and honest with yourself.  Avoid the traps of keeping things that are too large or small, out of style, or unflattering in fit or color.
  • After reviewing your items, you will likely end up with all or most of these categories:
    • Keep- clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit and flatter you
    • Trash- torn or stained items that are unwearable
    • Donations- for charity
    • Give to Friends- items you would like someone special to have
    • Alterations & Repairs- items that can be worn again with a little help
    • Consignment/Garage Sale- items you’d like to sell instead of donate
    • Seasonal- items that need to be stored for another season
    • Elsewhere- unrelated items that belong somewhere else and need to be put away
  • Sort the clothing you’re keeping by season, then by type, sleeve length, and color.  Think of it as “filing” your clothes.  Some people may prefer sorting by casual, career, and formal clothing as well.  People in warmer climates may not need to sort by season.  In Austin, for example, in winter the weather is so variable we never know if we’ll need to wear shorts or a parka.
  • Usage determines storage.  Prioritize placement of your items by the frequency of their use (ABCD).  If you use it often, make it more accessible.
  • Consider purchasing new hangers.  This is a “secret” of Professional Organizers.  Clear plastic hangers with swivel heads are a good choice, as well as white tubular hangers.  We are serious about this!  It can make a huge difference in the way your closet looks and feels. 
  • Create a place to put empty hangers together so you can find them easily.  When you remove a piece of clothing, make a habit of placing the empty hanger in this reserved spot.


Remember, we do closets every day!  Ask us on the message boards if you need help.





Remember, it is not advisable to carry all of your identification with you.  For example, many people carry their Social Security Cards, and that is a very unnecessary risk.  There are very few times you need to have your Social Security card with you—getting a new job is really the only example I can even think of.  So it is better to keep that kind of ID at home in your filing system instead of risking it being lost or stolen.

“Clean and Clone” Your Wallet
Spend at least 10-15 minutes

For this Side Dish project, we are doing our annual wallet security measures.

First, go through your wallet and discard anything that doesn’t belong.  Do you have receipts that need to be turned in, filed away, or thrown away?  Do you have expired coupons or gift cards?  Do you have frequent shopper cards for places you no longer shop? 

Next, take whatever is left that has any value or importance and place it on the glass of a photocopying machine.  Put as many cards on there as possible and copy the fronts of them, then turn them all over exactly in the same spot and copy the backs too.  Usually the back of the card displays the phone number to report lost or stolen cards.  Now, if your wallet gets stolen you will know exactly what was in there and will have all of the correct phone numbers handy to call and report them as lost.  Keep these copies of your wallet contents in your files, and we will remind you at this time next year to do it again.

Sort your wallet contents by type:  identification, credit cards, medical cards, shopping/membership/gift cards, etc.  Use the sections of your wallet to keep these categories separated so you can find your cards quickly.  Everything in your wallet needs to have a home—a place for receipts, cash, and anything else you routinely carry, like a checkbook. 




There are these great little coin sorting trays sold at discount stores that are so smart and fun for the kids if they want to sort coins… of course, you can always buy those automated coin sorters, but this product is a less expensive way to get the same result.


Did you know…?

A one-gallon coin jar is worth approximately $228.34!




Pocket Dump Area
Spend at least 15 minutes

Within many closets and master bedrooms lurks “The Pocket Dump Area.”  Sorry, guys, but husbands are typically the culprit!  It’s a mini men’s version of the Destination Station.

Experience teaches us that you may not want to delve into organizing this area without his permission… but as you feel comfortable, your project is to give him a home for the various categories of items this area entails.

Here are the normal categories:

  • Receipts
  • Keys
  • Glasses
  • Watches
  • Cell phones & chargers
  • Loose change
  • Papers of other kinds
  • Money clips or dollar bills
  • Tissues, mints, candies, etc!

Most pocket dump areas simply lack having a trash can nearby.  This one addition will do a lot. 

Loose change is easily handled by providing a large jar or vase. You can also put out 4 jars so he can put each kind of coin away and reach them easily. (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters)  This is great if someone needs to quickly grab only quarters for tolls, for example. 

For “cashing in” your loose change, one of our members was suggesting using the Coinstar machines located in many supermarkets.  You can also let the kids do this and keep a percentage of what they count.

Depending upon the situation, you might use something like small boxes, box lids, or drawer dividers to simply provide small sections for each type of item. 
Men's Valet Boxes - Men's Valet w/ Cell Phone Holder
You can also buy a wooden “men’s valet” box for this very purpose, if you are so inclined.  It may not make the mess go away, but at least it looks nicer!  Here’s an example of one from

This is often a problem area for many people, so you’ll definitely need to do this periodically. 




Return Gifts Before It’s Too Late

Don’t wait too long to return or exchange gifts that didn’t work!  Many stores have policies limiting how long you have to return items.  CompUSA, for example, only allows returns within 14 days.  Stores usually have extra staff available or special tables set up for handling returns this time of year, so if you go at off-peak times you should be able to get in and out very quickly. 

Remember, if you don’t return it in time, it becomes clutter!

Do you have gift cards from stores you don’t shop in?  Or would you like to consolidate various unrelated gift cards to buy one big item?  Or would you even like to get cash for them?  Here are two websites to help you out: and  I think this is fascinating that that web now allows new forms of currency to take footing, such as gift cards and air miles.



Get a New Wallet—or Go Out to Lunch with a Friend!

For your Dessert this week (after finishing your projects!), get yourself a new wallet if yours is getting worn out.  If you don’t need a new wallet, you can arrange to go out to lunch with a good friend. 

See you next week for your Clutter-PoundsSM Weigh In!



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