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Get FREE Expert Home Organizing Advice Online You can get unlimited, direct, personal consulting from the pros online, along with a weekly “menu” plan of organizing projects, multimedia tutorials, articles and other great tools... We have helped thousands of people around the world since 2006. Lose clutter, gain time, and reduce stress with an organizing program designed to Get Your House in Shape!®
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THANK YOU. I just renewed my membership. This last year has been a blessing--my home, my life has changed because I keep up with my diet. I am thrilled to continue...thanks!”
Janica Fisher


“I have been a member for a short time and am starting to see and feel some real changes. With the current economy, it is great to have goals that are free and good for you and your family!! This service is the best money I ever spent.
Leslie Horn

“I started here almost a year ago and since that time, our home has undergone an amazing transformation. I can't thank you all enough for the help and guidance you gave and continue to give me. You not only helped me to believe in myself, but my husband believes now that I can do what I set out to do. You have helped us more than I can ever tell you! Thank you all so much!!! ”

Robby Merrington

"I love Clutter Diet, it has given me back my home."

Juleen Busike

“The Clutter Diet really seems to incorporate all the best practices I've seen in other methods into one system and has so many great value-added features that you don't get anywhere else. It's so worth the money!

Stephanie T.

Get Organized with the 7 Day Quickstart

Who Else Wants FREE HELP to Lose Clutter, Gain Time, and Reduce Stress?

Our FREE 7-Day Quickstart includes a 14-day trial with full access to our innovative Clutter Diet® program!

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How I Can Help You:
My name is Lorie Marrero, and I've been organizing professionally since 2000. My organizing books and products are sold in stores nationwide, I’ve served as a spokesperson for several major companies, and I regularly am called upon as an expert for major national media such as CNBC, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, and Woman's Day. But mostly, I am a working mom with two kids, maybe a lot like you.

I and my team of organizers have helped hundreds of people get organized in their closets, businesses, garages, and home offices. For years it bothered me that so many people needed our help but could not afford our hourly rates in person. I also knew that a lot of people could do successful projects themselves if they just got a little expert advice to get “unstuck.” I became obsessed with figuring out how I could help anybody affordably, from anywhere.

In January 2006 I had a “lightning bolt” moment sitting on an airplane. I had been thinking, “We’re always saying that getting organized is a lot like losing weight! How could I help people the way the weight loss industry does?” I was staring out the airplane window, and suddenly, it hit me… The Clutter Diet!

At the end of 2006, this site launched, and our program has now helped thousands of members get organized from eighteen countries around the world.

I figured out the secrets that successful weight loss programs use… and applied those secrets to help people get organized affordably. We have a lot of fun with the metaphor of helping you get your house in shape®! Members lose the Clutter-Pounds® from their homes, and they “weigh in” to get our weekly “menu” plan of projects.

IMAGINE… if you were more organized, you could finally:

organizing tips
checkmark Relax! Feel less stress, have peace of mind, feel free
checkmark Have more free time and fun with your family
checkmark Have people over more often without embarrassment
checkmark Feel proud
of and enjoy your home
checkmark Find things quickly
checkmark Feel more in control of your life
checkmark Save money on late fees and unnecessary purchases

Here’s what our innovative program includes:

Unlimited access to direct, personal help from our team of Certified Professional Organizers® via our message board support, so you get expert help 7 days a week on your own projects and challenges. You can even upload photos to show us your space! A value of $50-125 per hour of consultation, INCLUDED.

Our exclusive weekly action plans designed to cover your entire home in one year. Each week there is a Main Dish (the main project suggestion for the week), 2 Side Dishes (your two smaller projects), a Sensible Snack (a quick task or tip) and a Dessert (the fun reward!).

Easy multimedia tutorials so you can learn organizing concepts and methods at your own pace.

Access to your own personalized e-mail reminder system, so you can remind yourself of birthdays, regular home maintenance, or other recurring tasks or events.

Personal tracking of your own progress, so each week you can “weigh in” to see how many Clutter-Pounds® you have lost so far.

Automatic 10% member discount in our online store, along with member specials, surprises, and advance notice of new offerings.

BONUS 14-page Getting Motivated Workbook to help you make your own plan of action.

BONUS 26-page workbook on Household Systems and Routines—a $17 value, free!


Here’s what some of our members say:

“Being a part of the Clutter Diet program has helped me more than anything else I have tried in the past. Thank you!!” – Laura S.

“I'm really enjoying your service. I am very grateful for the virtual help, support, concrete action plan, and rewards! They really do work. Thank you.” - Susan Trevithick

“Before Clutter Diet I was just overwhelmed with all the areas that needed help in my home.  Now they have all received attention, my thrift store has received many donations and I feel more comfortable in my house.” - Nancy L.

"This service is the best money I ever spent." - Leslie Horn

With our FREE 7-Day Quickstart, you can find out for yourself if this program is right for YOU!

After your 7-Day Quickstart, you get an additional 7 days of full access to our experts, for a total of 14 FREE days of The Clutter Diet®! Subsequent months continue at only $17.95 (about the price of a pizza), and you can cancel easily at any time. We also have an even better deal on our annual membership options! Organizing is a journey, not a destination, so our program allows you to cover your entire home in a year's time with our simple weekly project plans.

Given that time with a professional organizer in person costs about $50-125 per HOUR, or $350-875 per DAY, why not get access to a top team of organizers here now, FREE for 14 days?

Are you ready to reduce stress, gain time, and lose the clutter?  Stop looking for things, wasting money, and feeling frustrated…

try 7-day quickstartJump into the 7-Day Quickstart today and let's get started! All you have to do is click this link, fill out a quick, secure form, and YOU’RE IN...You'll get an email with DAY ONE's instructions and you can start asking your questions to me and my expert team in a few short minutes.

Can't wait to start helping you!

Lorie Marrero, CPO®
Chief Executive Organizer
and Creator of The Clutter Diet®

“I have DOZENS of books on cleaning, decluttering, and organizing, and this site is the best thing that I have ever seen!  The quick feedback is very rewarding to me and I also get inspired about the efforts others are making. I am NOT ALONE in my clutter problem! Blessings!” - “Catfife,” Member

PS: I get so tired of seeing what clutter does to people's lives! It costs you money and time and creates stress and conflict in your family. Because of that I am so excited to be living my dream of bringing organizing expertise to anyone, anywhere, affordably. We’d love to meet you and help you. Do the FREE 7-Day Quickstart now and find out for yourself what we can do !

PPS: If you want one-on-one consulting beyond our online program, we now offer phone and Skype consultations by the hour! Click here to learn more about talking to our team.

PPPS: I didn’t mention this in the features list above… but we also have HOURS of free audio content for our members, including exclusive, motivating interviews with other leaders in the organizing and personal development world. You can download them to your iPod and listen while you do your projects. What an amazing value… are you kidding me? If you’re not trying us out today, please write to tell us why. We’d love to have your feedback. And if you're not quite ready to join us, you can get our free tips each week here, along with our very popular newsletter bonus items.

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