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07-13-2015: Press Release: Creator of Clutter Diet® Honored For Being Goodwill® Advocate
07-13-2015: My Fox Creator of Clutter Diet® Honored For Being Goodwill® Advocate
07-07-2015: Goodwill Central Advisory Board Member, Lorie Marrero, Wins Volunteer Leader of the Year Award
05-27-2015: Digital Journal: Savvy Storage Advice for Renters
05-21-2015: Ellwood City Ledger: Maximizing Your Storage Space
04-21-2015: US News & World Report: Frugal Ways to Spring Clean Your Life
03-28-2015: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Time to organize garage
03-27-2015: Yahoo! Finance: Maximizing Your Storage Space
03-27-2015: Market Wired: Maximizing Your Storage Space
03-23-2015: Unexpected Guests?
03-15-2015: Wall Street Journal: Best Selling Books
03-11-2015: Woman's Day: Project Declutter & The Great Purge
03-09-2015: Altadena Point: Spring cleaning: your perfect state of organization
03-03-2015: Yahoo! Finance: Spacious Upgrades
03-03-2015: Market Wired: Spacious Upgrades
03-03-2015: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Rethink the closet
02-16-2015: Your Perfect State of Organization
02-12-2015: Market Wired: Your Perfect State of Organization
02-02-2015: Fast Company: Seven Habits Of Organized People
01-12-2015: Day in the Life of a Nonprofit Communicator
08-15-2014: Star Telegram: Summer DIY tips for the home
08-05-2014: WFMY News 2: What's Wrong With This Picture?
07-31-2014: WFMY News 2: New Years Resolutions... In July? Get Organized
07-23-2014: AGOODLOOK by GW NYNJ: Give Yourself More Space—the Easy Way!
07-15-2014: Decluttering Your Home, In The Form Of A Diet
06-07-2014: Woodworking Network: ClosetMaid Offers Youth Furniture Buying Tips
06-05-2014: Yahoo! Finance: Smart Kids' Rooms That Grow With Time
05-20-2014: How to Recycle Your Old Computer
05-05-2014: Yahoo! Finance: Transform Small Spaces Into Charming Places
04-14-2014: Calgary Herald: Beat the Clock Doing Chores
04-10-2014: Ottawa Citizen: Beat the Clock
04-05-2014: PoughkeepsieJournal.comDecorative storage can organize entryways
04-01-2014: Woman's Day: Get Organized in Just...
03-27-2014: The Daily Astorian: Transform Small Spaces into Charming Places
03-20-2014: Yahoo! Finance: Organize Entryways With Decorative Storage
03-20-2014: Digital Journal: Organize Entryways With Decorative Storage
03-15-2014: Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized
03-10-2014: Fast Company: Go Ahead, Let Your Desk Get Messy
03-05-2014: Guy fashion 911: A manly guide to cleaning out your closet
02-20-2014: Press Release: Clutter Diet Creator Lorie Marrero Named Contributing Editor to Woman’s Day Magazine
02-20-2014: CEN: Clutter Diet Creator Lorie Marrero Named Contributing Editor to Womans Day Magazine
02-19-2014: & Guy fashion 911: A manly guide to cleaning out your closet
01-28-2014: Detroit Free Press: A closet cleaning guide just for men
01-15-2014: Woman's Day: A Better Bedroom
01-06-2014: Press Release: Get Organized This New Year and Create Jobs
01-01-2014: Today: Fun Ideas for Family Time in the New Year
12-16-2013: Yahoo! Shine: Conquer the Clutter and Reclaim the 4 Messiest Spots in Your Home
12-04-2013: SMEAD Organomics: Decluttering the Home for the Holidays with Lorie Marrero
10-17-2013: Parade Magazine: 5 Steps to a Self-Cleaning Home
07-19-2013: Yahoo! Shine: Get Moving! 8 Ways to Simplify Your Morning
06-27-2013: Entrepreneur: Forget Time Management: Why You Should Practice Choice Management Instead
06-14-2013: The Spare Foot Blog: How to Put Yourself on a Clutter Diet
06-04-2013: Woman's Day: Project Declutter Part IV: Clutter Magnets
05-09-2013: Daytime Blue Ridge: The Clutter Diet
05-04-2013: Woman's Day: Project Declutter Part III: Filled to the Brim Kitchens
04-04-2013: Woman's Day: Project Declutter Part II: Overwhelmed Workspaces
03-25-2013: Clearing The Clutter Lowers Stress and Benefits People Looking for Work
03-20-2013: Press Release: Clearing the Clutter Lowers Stress and Benefits People Looking for Work
03-19-2013: Shine from Yahoo!: The Best Places to Store Every Little Thing
03-12-2013: YNN TV: Nonprofits join pop-up push during SXSW
03-05-2013: Press Release: POP!: Goodwill® Debuts First-ever Pop-up Shop At SXSW
03-04-2013: Woman's Day: Project Declutter Part I: Chaotic Closets and Laundry Explosions
03-04-2013: Woman's Day: Project Declutter Organize Your Home for Good
03-03-2013: Woman's Day: Behind the Scenes of Project Declutter
01-31-2013: WoodTV 8: Are you in need of a Clutter Diet?
01-08-2013: Show Clutter Who's Boss
01-07-2013: SCORE Small Business Blog: Book Review: Home Office Rules of Thumb
12-21-2012: Clutter Diet and Goodwill: All the News
12-20-2012: Shine from Yahoo!: 7 Health Benefits of Being Organized
12-14-2012: Fox News Magazine: 7 Habits of People with Extremely Clean Homes
12-06-2012: Good Housekeeping: 7 Health Benefits of Being Organized
11-28-2012: Simply Shawn & Jenn: Goodwill Spokesperson Interview
10-31-2012: Make the World Better by Joining the Donate Movement
10-31-2012: Life & Beauty Weekly: Family Room Clutter Busters
10-26-2012: Shine from Yahoo!: Woman's Day's Guide to a Well-Organized Pantry
10-24-2012: Good Housekeeping: 11 Scheduling Secrets of Busy Moms
10-12-2012: Work Life Congress 2012 Offers Savvy Strategies for Busy Working Moms
10-07-2012: KATV: Family Room Clutter Busters
10-07-2012: CBS 5: Family Room Clutter Busters
10-04-2012: Motherhood Moment: Parenting Pointers: Tips on De-Cluttering
10-01-2012: Latina Magazine: Keeping Food Fresh
09-28-2012: Notes from the Social Spot: A Fun Way For Children To Learn
09-28-2012: Good Housekeeping: 10 Ways to Maximize Storage
09-27-2012: Life & Beauty Weekly: Family Room Clutter Busters
09-25-2012: Laughing Lindsay: Interview with Goodwill Ambassador and Author Lorie Marrero
09-13-2012: Mommy Perks: Interview with Lorie Marrero, national spokesperson for Goodwill® and Ambassador of the Donate Movement
09-13-2012: WNDU: Expert Shares Secrets on De-cluttering Home
08-25-2012: Good Housekeeping: Why You're Keeping Too Much Stuff
08-18-2012: Austin American Statesman: Every Morning a Blur?
08-14-2012: My Fox Austin's Good Day Austin: Back-to-School Organization
08-10-2012: Momster/Family Circle Blog: 4 Organizing Tips for Back-to-School
08-01-2012: Austin Woman: Organizer in Chief
07-25-2012: Good Housekeeping: The Best Tools of All Time
07-04-2012: CBS Watch: Clean Genes
07-01-2012: Good Housekeeping: 8 Ways to Simplify Your Morning
07-01-2012: Better Homes and Gardens Real-Life Kitchens & Baths
06-30-2012: Good Housekeeping: How to Teach Your Kids to Be Organized
06-05-2012: Wisconsin Public Radio: Joy Cardin Show
05-30-2012: Good Housekeeping: 10 Biggest Organizing Mistakes
05-11-2012: Austin Business Journal: Ask the Experts
05-01-2012: My Fox Austin's Good Day Austin: A Look at the Real Goodwill Part 2
05-01-2012: My Fox Austin's Good Day Austin: A Look at the Real Goodwill
04-15-2012: Better Homes and Gardens Real-Life Kitchens & Baths: Recycling Center Tips
04-03-2012: San Francisco Chronicle: How Organizing Your Home Saves You Money
03-13-2012: Press Release: Last Minute Income Tax Filers Get Organized with Swingline®
03-06-2012: Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized: Real Life Examples
02-28-2012: Telemundo Miami: La limpieza de primavera llega al garage
02-16-2012: Is Your Cluttered Home or Office Making You Sick?
01-31-2012: Daily Comet: The Urge to Purge
01-27-2012: Austin American Statesman: The Urge to Purge
01-18-2012: Swingline Media Tour
12-28-2011: The Post-Holiday Toy Box Purge -- Here's How to Do It Now!
12-01-2011: InStyle: your Look Q&A
10-25-2011: Happiness May Be One Phone Call Away
09-29-2011: Expert Tips on Conquering Clutter at Work
09-27-2011: Family Circle: Clutter Control
09-19-2011: Reinventing as a Professional Organizer
09-18-2011: What's Happening In Your Bedroom?
09-06-2011: Storage Magazine: Drop Everything
08-28-2011: Parade Magazine: Take Back Your Weekend
08-19-2011: Good Housekeeping: Home Style Blog- Organizing Expert
08-17-2011: My Fox Austin's Good Day Austin: Back to School Family Organization
08-02-2011: How to Recycle Your Old Computer
07-26-2011: Fox Austin's Good Day Austin: Organizing Your Bathroom Cabinet
07-25-2011: Woman's Day Magazine: Paper Be Gone
07-01-2011: Austin Woman Magazine: Bathroom Beauty Tackling Toiletries, Makeup + Meds
06-29-2011: Shine from Yahoo: How to Fix Trouble Clutter Spots For Good
06-28-2011: Press Release: Donate Movement Expands Goodwill’s Ability to Provide Services, Repurpose Used Goods
05-10-2011: Press Release: Goodwill Industries International Video Wins Telly Award
04-15-2011: Weight Watchers Magazine: Too Much Stuff!
04-01-2011: Austin Woman Magazine: Paper Woes
04-01-2011: Goodwill's Working! Magazine: Get Your House in Shape for Spring
04-01-2011: Austin Monthly Magazine: A Clean Sweep
03-03-2011: Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized Magazine
03-01-2011: Diva Toolbox Radio Interview with Janet Powers
02-01-2011: Family Circle Magazine: Clutter Free in 30 Days
01-26-2011: The Washington Post: It's a Kitchen, Not a Catchall
01-25-2011: A 'new you' for a new year: Books to help you start the year off fresh
01-20-2011: St. Petersburg Times: Tips for de-cluttering your home
01-16-2011: Austin American Statesman: How to Reduce Junk Mail
01-14-2011: Aly & Andrea Rock Star U
01-10-2011: Financial Situation: Save Your Cash a Little Money: Tips to Reduce Impulsive Buying Decisions
01-09-2011: Austin American Statesman: Three ways to make your tech less stressful in 2011
01-07-2011: Houma Today: Get organized, save money and time
01-06-2011: My Fox Austin: Get Organized in 2011
01-05-2011: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Get organized, save money and time
01-04-2011: Families with Purpose: De-Clutter Your Home
01-02-2011: Parenting Squad: Clutter Your Kids Bring Home From School: The ART Of Managing It
01-01-2011: Good Housekeeping Magazine: The Best Tools of All Time
01-01-2011: Weight Watchers Magazine: Kitchen Help!
12-22-2010: Feel Good Natural Health Stores: Keep Holiday Clutter to a Minimum
12-20-2010: Tulsa World: During holidays, keep clutter in perspective
12-13-2010: Best Home Organizers
11-22-2010: Live Solid Network: House Call: The Cure for Clutter
11-21-2010: Cooking with Caitlin Radio-55KRC Cincinnati
11-16-2010: The News-Gazette: Tips for getting organized during the holidays
11-13-2010: The Last Year of Your Life: Interview with Lorie Marrero
11-11-2010: The Five Minute Mom's Club: Take Five With Lorie Marrero
11-05-2010: Audrey Confidential: Holiday Organization with Staples and Lorie Marrero
11-03-2010: Housekeeping Channel: Green Organization Tips For More Productivity, Less Stress
11-01-2010: Woman's Day Magazine: The Well Organized Pantry
10-26-2010: Announcing: The Clutter Diet Partners with Staples
10-26-2010: Boston Staples Taps De-Clutter Guru
10-26-2010: Staples News Page
10-20-2010: 168 Hours: Good Riddance! (How Goodwill turns your old CDs into job search classes)
10-11-2010: SheKnows Home & Garden: The Declutter Diet
09-16-2010: The Glass Hammer: The Female Mastermind: Developing a Professional Women’s Network
09-09-2010: Rubbermaid Blog: Make the Most of Your Donations
09-07-2010: AOL Real Estate Blog: Clutter: Methods to Avoid and Get Rid of Stuff
08-25-2010: Shine from Yahoo: 8 Organizing Tips That Actually Work
08-25-2010: 26 Organizing Tips That Actually Work
08-23-2010: Good Housekeeping Magazine: Good (Enough) Housekeeping
08-16-2010: Chicago Parent: Behind Closed Doors
08-07-2010: The Dallas Morning News: Highland Village mom learns ABCDs of getting organized with Clutter Diet
07-13-2010: Austin Business Journal: Austin Author Leading Nat'l Goodwill Industries Campaign
06-28-2010: Big Announcement! The Clutter Diet Works with Goodwill
06-28-2010: Press Release: The Clutter Diet Works with Goodwill®
06-28-2010: Goodwill Donate Movement Radio Media Tour
06-22-2010: Families With Purpose Radio Interview
06-16-2010: Southwestern - The S Factor Magazine: Entrepreneurship in the Liberal Arts
06-15-2010: Cuttin Up Radio Interview with Christina Laiche
06-01-2010: Viewpoints: Spring Cleaning Essentials
05-28-2010: The Salt Lake Tribune: How to cut clutter in your home
05-19-2010: Press Release: Clutter Diet, Inc. Partners with ClutterFreeBox™
05-11-2010: LifestyleMom Radio Café Interview with Dana Hilmer
05-10-2010: Good Housekeeping Magazine: What Really Causes Clutter
04-20-2010: Good Housekeeping Magazine: Five Minute Clutter Cures
03-31-2010: Ladies' Home Journal Magazine: 15 Ways to De-Clutter Your Life
03-21-2010: Cooking with Caitlin Radio Interview
03-03-2010: Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized Magazine
03-03-2010: Making Life Better: Spring Clean Your Closet
03-01-2010: Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine: Organize for Your Style
02-17-2010: Woman's Day Magazine: 16 Best Clutter Busters
01-18-2010: Tampa Bay Online: 10 steps to an accessible, organized closet
01-14-2010: Boston Globe: Quick Change
01-01-2010: Good Housekeeping Magazine: 1-Minute Expert
01-01-2010: Better Homes & Gardens Magazine: 25 Easy Ways to Conquer Clutter
01-01-2010: Redbook Magazine: 24 Organizing Tips That Really Work
12-31-2009: Press Release: Clutter Diet® Offers 31 Tips for 31 Days to Get Organized for the New Year & the New Decade
12-22-2009: Austin American-Statesman: Austin experts give us their year end tips
12-07-2009: Austin American-Statesman: A few Web sites to help with holiday planning, shopping
12-07-2009: Rubbermaid Features Lorie's Thoughts on Perfect
11-08-2009: WBAP Radio: eWomen Network Interview with Sandra Yancey
11-01-2009: Woman's Day Magazine: Why Do I Have So Much Stuff?
11-01-2009: Better Homes & Gardens Magazine: 12 Smart Ways to Organize Your Closet
11-01-2009: Good Housekeeping Magazine: 21 Ways to Make an Entrance
11-01-2009: Family Circle Magazine: House Call
10-09-2009: Rubbermaid Features Product Insights With Lorie
09-01-2009: Woman's Day Magazine: Out With the Clutter, in With...
08-28-2009: Get Healthy Magazine Online: The Clutter Diet
08-20-2009: Sunday Planning Tips
08-01-2009: Workbench Magazine: 20 Clever Closet Solutions for Under $20
07-29-2009: San Francisco Chronicle: Control Your Clutter in Six Weeks
07-08-2009: Rubbermaid Features Q & A With Lorie
06-23-2009: Austin American-Statesman Live Chat: Organization and Clutter Control
06-22-2009: Austin American-Statesman: Get Your Email Under Control
05-22-2009: The Final Touch On A Closet Purge
05-22-2009: Product Review:
05-19-2009: Digital Podcast:10 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Digital Life
05-12-2009: Real Simple Magazine: Garment Dividers To Organize Your Closets
04-30-2009: Creston News Advertiser: Easy Solutions To Clean Up Your Digital Life
04-21-2009: WDIO Duluth News Segment: Good Housekeeping: Clutter Diet
04-17-2009: Real Simple Magazine: Switch Your Closet Over, And Make It More Manageable While You’re At It
04-01-2009: Austin Woman Magazine: Business Babes: The Essential Lorie Marrero
03-15-2009: Austin American-Statesman: Local Organizer Shares Tips in Book
03-06-2009: Good Housekeeping Magazine: I Went On A Clutter Diet!
02-07-2009: KUT Austin Radio: Growing Concerns
01-28-2009: Costco Connection Magazine: Put the House on a Clutter Diet
01-28-2009: Better TV: High Calorie Clutter
01-26-2009: Rachael Ray Show Features Our Simple Division® Garment Organizers
01-23-2009: 3 Most Common Mistakes Dealing with Clutter
01-05-2009: Christian Science Monitor Magazine: Tired of All That Clutter?
01-01-2009: Family Circle Magazine: 55 Ways to Clear the Clutter
12-31-2008: Press Release: Amazon Partners with Clutter Diet (Resulted in #8 bestseller in Kindle nonfiction!)
11-20-2008: Press Release: The Clutter Diet Blog is Amazon Kindle’s #1 Lifestyle Bestseller
11-08-2008: San Antonio Express-News: Experts' tactics help you clear the decks for cooking
10-22-2008: iVillage: The Economics of Organizing 3-part series
10-01-2008: Parents Magazine: Get Organized, Home Office Edition
09-30-2008: Rubbermaid Features Lorie's Closet Tips
09-30-2008: Clutter Diet Blog #1 of Amazon Kindle Home & Garden Blogs
09-16-2008: Woman's Day Kitchens & Baths- Kitchen Organizing Tips
09-11-2008: CNBC's Big Idea with Donny Deutsch Blog
08-29-2008: All You Magazine: Simplify Your Life At Home
08-07-2008: Albany Times Union: On The Edge Blog
08-05-2008: Organicasm: Top 100 Simple Living Blogs List
08-05-2008: Austin American-Statesman Live Chat: Back to School
08-04-2008: CNBC's The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch: The Five Toxins That Are Killing Your Success
08-03-2008: Austin American-Statesman: Study Up to Cut the Stress of Going Back to School
07-31-2008: Satellite Media Tour: Spokesperson for Brother, Hormel, and FedEx Office
07-14-2008: Parents Magazine: Closet Nirvana
07-03-2008: KTRK-ABC Houston: Getting On a Clutter Diet
07-01-2008: Radio Sandy Springs: Organizing Playground
06-30-2008: The Knack Blog Reviews Clutter Diet Products
06-17-2008: WGN News at Noon Lunchbreak
06-01-2008: Family Circle Magazine: Linen Closets
06-01-2008: Be the Best Nanny Newsletter: Top Ten Organizing Tips for Nannies
06-01-2008: Small Room Decorating Magazine: Order in the House!
05-28-2008: Press Release: Clutter Diet’s® Team of Professional Organizers Now Includes Expertise on Chronic Disorganization
05-19-2008: Lifehack Productivity Bookshelf
05-15-2008: The Oklahoman: Diet for Clutter
05-06-2008: KVVU Fox 5 Las Vegas: Mothers' Day Goodies
05-06-2008: Austin American Statesman: Live Chat with Lorie
05-01-2008: Organize Magazine: The Linen Closet
04-18-2008: Better.TV: Top Organizing Products
04-15-2008: Woman's Day Magazine: 20 Things to Do with 20 Minutes
04-07-2008: Canada AM Morning Show: Clutter Diet
04-07-2008: Austin American Statesman: Tax Tips
04-05-2008: Austin American Statesman: Get Organized for Spring
03-31-2008: Vancouver's CFUN Morning Show: Spring Cleaning
03-30-2008: Calgary Herald: Put Your House on the Clutter Diet
03-29-2008: Regina Leader-Post (Saskatchewan)
03-29-2008: Winnipeg Free Press: Whittle Your Waste
03-28-2008: Vancouver Sun: Shed Pounds, Put Your Home on a Diet
03-27-2008: News 8 Austin: Cut the Clutter
03-15-2008: Calgary Sun features Clutter Diet
03-06-2008: BlogTalkRadio: Lifehack Live
01-19-2008: Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Keep It Clean
01-16-2008: TEXAS MONTHLY @Home: Renewal and Organization for the New Year
01-06-2008: Arizona Daily Star: Organizers Whip Closet Into Shape
01-04-2008: The Ladies Room with Lolis: New Years' Resolutions
01-02-2008: Better.TV: Clearing the Paper Clutter
12-30-2007: Austin American-Statesman: Be Organized as You Pack Up Holiday Decorations
12-16-2007: Boston Globe: To Keep Organized, Mix the Old and New
11-30-2007: Dallas Morning News: Clutter Diet Puts Toys In Their Place
11-22-2007: KTBC-FOX News: How to Handle Lead Toy Recalls
11-13-2007: Press Release: Cold and Flu Season is Approaching: The Clutter Diet® Recommends Organizing the Medicine Cabinet Right Now
11-04-2007: Quick & Simple Magazine: Conquer Clutter Once and For All!
11-04-2007: Austin American-Statesman: It's Time to Tame Your Paper Clutter
10-09-2007: Organize for a Relaxing Fall Getaway
10-01-2007: Better Homes & Gardens Magazine: Closet Makeover
09-01-2007: NWA World Traveler Magazine: On the Go Organizers
09-01-2007: Austin Woman Magazine: Organization Can Really Pay Off
08-29-2007: Quiz: Should You Put Your Home on a Diet?
08-26-2007: Austin American-Statesman: Low-Effort, High Reward Tips
08-13-2007: KEYE-42 News: Organizing Your Closet
08-12-2007: News 8 Austin: Getting Organized Online
08-02-2007: Press Release: Clutter Diet® Closet Solution Now Available at The Container Store®
06-23-2007: San Antonio Express-News: Downsizing Article
04-15-2007: American Way Magazine: Feeling Taxed?
04-01-2007: Austin Fit Magazine: Spring Cleaning
01-23-2007: KENS-TV: Great Day SA
12-01-2006: TypePad's Featured Blog of the Day: 12/1/2006
04-01-2006: American Way Magazine: Take This Job & Shove It
01-19-2006: HGTV: "Small Space Big Style" Episode 203
12-31-2005: San Antonio Express-News: Full House
06-21-2005: Woman's Day Magazine: Project Organization
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